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Infographics and diagrams

cicle_marca d'aigua.png
microenv_marca d'aigua.png
mhcii_marca d'aigua.png

Series of figures for doctoral thesis 


Maculinea life cycle, maculinea alcon, maculinea arion, myrmica, ant hacker, scientific illustration, illustración científica, la ciencia clara

Infographic of the life cycle of the butterfly Maculinea sp. 


Graphical abstract of scientific article published in Cell Reports.

Illustrative diagram of uterine incarceration

published inToko-Practical Gynecology.

Collaboration with the Mataró Hospital.

Lacolith_ClaraBorràs (Unicode Encoding

Explanatory infographic on the geological formation of laccoliths

Explanatory infographic about the process of metastasis.

Collaboration with the Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute (IRB)

CapasTierra_ClaraBorràs (Unicode Encoding Conflict).png

Earth layers infographic. UPV


Illustration small intestine epithelium. UPV

Visualization of economic data by web page.

Collaboration with Fundació Dr. Anthony Esteve

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